Become Unbeatable

A podcast to help you build army-like resilience to face life’s toughest challenges

One of the #1 question I’ve been asked over the years, both as an Army chaplain and as a pastor is, “Jeff, how can I keep going when things in my life are so bad?”

I’ve heard countless heartbreaking stories of losses of loved ones, torn relationships, physical injury, and financial disaster. In times like these, life is so painful, you just want to give up. But, you CAN keep going, and you CAN overcome. 

I have many times myself been in almost impossible situations, facing death and coping with loss. I’ve learned some things that helped me keep going, but I’ve ALSO heard of many other people who have faced the impossible and found ways to make it through.

Telling these stories one-on-one helps a few people, but What if I could tell these stories to thousands through a podcast and give hope to people I might never meet face-to-face?

On September 16, 2021 my new podcast, UNBEATABLE, launched its first episode, to do just that. -to help you build resilience and unbeatable strength to handle whatever life throws at you.

Each week, I bring on guests who both tell their stories and tell what it was that made them keep going when they just wanted to throw in the towel.

Maybe you’re in a storm right now and feel like there’s no hope. Listen to UNBEATABLE , and you might just get what you need to help you keep going.