Are you sick of living in the fast lane?

I was literally speeding between appointments this week. (If you are a law enforcement officer- don’t come arrest me.) We’ve all had one of those days… You know the kind of day where everything is piling up on you and you can’t seem to make any headway. While I was speeding between appointments I remember distinctly thinking, Jeff, this is not a healthy way to live.   What I was really thinking was that I needed some rest.

What I love most about Hebrews chapter 4 is that it was written for the person who is stressed out by life and needs some rest. I think most of us in the United States could learn from this chapter. Because we live this fast paced, get out of my way, frantic lifestyle we all need the rest that Hebrews 4 describes. Even right now- I’m trying to do three other things while typing this blog.

What’s also very clear to me from Scripture is that this is not the kind of lifestyle that Jesus lived. Jesus had crowds pushing each other to get to him. Jesus had people trying to pressure him to take on greater responsibility. Jesus had people accusing him of not living up to the social norms. Yet, at no time do I read that Jesus was in a hurry.

I don’t know about you- but I want the kind of lifestyle that Jesus lived. I want the kind of rest that Hebrews chapter 4 says is available to all of Jesus’s followers. I want to live more like Jesus and less like the hurried people I see around me every day. So I’m committing to take some time to be alone with Jesus. I’m committing to take some time out of my busy schedule and rest in the presence of my Savior. I’m committing to learn from Jesus and live like Jesus so that I can lead others to Jesus. What about you?

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