A proper fighting man has this 1 quality

“Life is a fight,” says Bobby Gunn. If anyone knows how to recognize a fight, it’s Bobby Gunn. With a professional bare-knuckle fighting record of 73-0, he knows more about fighting than some warriors I’ve met.

Bobby was exposed to fighting from a very young age. His father used to wake him up at night and make him go outside and fight grown men for money. This turned Bobby into a powerful fighter. By early manhood, he fought under bridges and in back alleys to make enough money to feed his family.

Anyone with Bobby’s strength and skills as a fighter could quickly become a bully. But he is the furthest thing from a bully I have ever met. Dedicating his life to taking down bullies from the Russian mob to gangs to biker groups, Bobby has stood his ground against some mean, brutal groups.

During my recent podcast interview, Bobby made a comment that deserves more attention. I want to remind you with this article the one quality that a proper fighting man must have. Without this one quality, you’re nothing more than a paid bully.

A proper fight

From early childhood, bullies pick a fight for personal reasons. They will use their size or their power to force another child to do their will. A self-proclaimed “Bully Slayer,” Bobby has stood up against people like this his whole life.

As he defines it, no bully has ever been involved in a “proper fight.” No one wants to get into a fight. Only bullies go out looking for a fight.  It’s not the fight itself but how they personally profit from the fight that prompts bullies to beat someone up on the playground.

For the proper reason

According to Bobby, there’s a proper reason for a fight also.  Anything less than this proper reason doesn’t qualify as a proper fight.  During the interview, Bobby made a big impression when he reminded the audience that love is the only proper reason worth fighting for.

Perhaps you found yourself in a fight you didn’t expect or want to be in. Why you got into a fight is important… very important.  But how you conduct yourself in the middle of the fight is also important.  That’s why Bobby has never forgotten his coach’s advice to “leave the bums at the gym.”   Bobby doesn’t stoop to the “rough and tumble” fighting that often happens in bare-knuckle fighting.  Rather, he makes sure that every punch is honorable.

Against the proper opponent

Bobby’s professional fighting career took off when he started fighting to raise money to pay for his daughter’s private school tuition.  Fighting was never about winning a title belt or becoming the toughest guy in the back alley.  Bobby has always been fighting to give his family a better life. 

But he also knows how cruel people can be toward one another.  That’s why one of his greatest opponents has always been the hateful things that other girls might say to his daughter when they learned what her father did for a living.

Bobby’s answers in my interview repeatedly confirmed that he is a man of honor and integrity. His words and actions prove the quality of his heart, and he is the living embodiment of his belief that “a proper fighting man has a good heart.”

Listen to my whole interview with Bobby HERE

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