5 reasons to beat worry this year

My local gym is a mess for the first six weeks of every year.  I work out very early in the morning all year long.  There are two times a year that the gym is far busier than the rest of the year: immediately after New Year’s Day and right before beach season.  

I’ve had a membership at the same gym for years.  So, I recognize most of the regulars right away.  I don’t mind all the new faces clogging up the parking lot and taking up space on my favorite machines this time of year.  But I’ve been going to the gym long enough to know that most of these new members will be gone by the middle of February. 

You can tell from the parking lot of my local gym that it’s time to lose weight. At least, that’s what millions try to do at the start of every new year.  I’m not talking about some unwanted pounds of body fat, although you should also work on that this year.  I’m talking about the oppressive emotional burden of worry. 

I’ve got a free exercise route for you that will make you much stronger by the end of this year.  And the bonus is that you don’t have to get up early to implement this program.  You might gain some sleep over the next year by eliminating the stress that keeps you awake in bed, worried about the future.  I can think of only positive side effects for reducing your worry.

Here are my top 5 reasons to radically eliminate worry this year. 

Worry weighs you down 

Have you ever tried to run a marathon carrying dead weight on your shoulders?  Neither have I.  That’s just stupid.  Yet, that’s how many people will live in 2024 by letting the anxiety of an unknown future that may never come to pass haunt them. 

None of us is going to have a perfect year in 2024.  It’s safe to say that you will face some bumps in the road this upcoming year.  Don’t let the stress weigh you down, living through the stress of an event that might never happen. 

Worry hurts your physical health

There are a bunch of physical side effects that come along with worry and anxiety.  None of them are good for you. If an x-ray could show you the damage you’re doing to your body by unnecessary worry, most of us would take severe steps to eliminate worry right away. 

As I walk to the doors of my local gym from the back of the parking lot (due to all the new members) each January, I can’t help wondering how many of them are negating the positive health benefits from exercise with all the adverse side effects of worry. If you want to improve your health and quality of life… beat worry this year.

Worry clouds your judgment

Your mind wasn’t created to focus intensely on two things simultaneously.  Therefore, the mental energy you devote to worry is costing your ability to focus on another area of your life.

Worry can create a downward spiral.  Focusing on the “what if__” questions can lead you down a dark path if you’re not careful. I know people who are so anxious that they worry about worrying

Worry can sabotage your goals

Did you make any New Year’s vows this year?  Even if you don’t make resolutions, we all have some goal we’re chasing. Any goal worth pursuing will require physical and mental energy.  The stress that worry brings will always take time and energy away from progress toward a worthy goal.  

Worry can’t pay back any positive benefits for what it costs you. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by giving away time and energy to worry.  Instead, try replacing worry with hope.  Adding hope to your time and energy is a powerful combination. 

Worry steals your freedom

You give away your freedom to dream and to give your all to any worthwhile endeavor when you worry. This is the worst of all the adverse effects associated with worry. There might be some dark days ahead of you.  Worry can’t help you avoid those days or make them easier to bear. But it can cloud over many sunny days before the dark days ever arrive. The whole reason for this article is to try and help you face your future without fear, no matter what it brings.  

You won’t be Unbeatable if you’ve given yourself over to worry. Most of us will go through some harrowing experiences this year.  In most cases, you can do nothing to avoid those experiences.  You have to face them head-on. Trust a God bigger than your circumstances if you want freedom over worry this year.  That’s the secret to living above worry in 2024. 

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