You Can’t Stop the Clock

Wanna hear something depressing? You can’t stop the clock! We are all powerless over time. Nothing you do can add one more second to your life. No one has ever been rich enough or powerful enough to stop the clock from ticking. No matter what you do, the old saying is true- “time marches on.”

Your place in human history

If you were to look back over the course of human history, your life would be less than a dot on the grand timeline. Our time on this world is limited. Our impact on this world is limited. Our memory will be forgotten. That’s because you were not created only for Earth. You were made for a relationship with God that lasts forever in Heaven.

It seems a bit foolish to me when people go to extraordinary lengths to leave an impact on a temporary world. This is what causes men to chase fame. This is what causes women to seek lasting relationships. This is what colors young boys and girls dreams about becoming adults. We all want to leave an impact on the world around us. And 10,000 years from now no one will remember that we even existed.

Where to find real meaning

I think this is what the writer of Ecclesiastes was saying when he talked about meaninglessness.   He said, that everything is meaningless if you hope to leave an impact on the world with it.

Like trying to catch a handful of wind and put it in your pocket for later, your life is meaningless if you’re only living to make an impact on the world around you. Like trying to stop the river from flowing into the sea, your hard work is meaningless if you think it’s going to leave a lasting impact on the company.   Like trying to stop the sun from rising or setting, your impact on history is meaningless.

God created this world to be temporary. God created us to be temporary. It was never His design for us to be permanent, or for our impact on this world to be permanent because we all pass away. And on that last day even this world will pass away.

So if you really want to start living a meaningful life, start living for your future home. Start living for your real destiny. Start living for your ultimate resting place. Start living for Heaven. Everything less than that is meaningless because it doesn’t last.

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