Did you get “one of those toys” when you were growing up?

You know the kind. The toy that you spent months wishing for, you’d been asking your parents to buy you this toy ever since you first saw it on television. You thought about this toy when you went to bed, you had dreams about it while you were asleep. It was the first thing on your mind when you woke up in the morning.

Then that magical day happened.  You’ve got the toy that you’ve been waiting months for!   Do you remember how elated you were with this toy?  Do you remember how much better you thought your life would be now that you had this toy?  I bet you remember how heartbroken you were when you realized that it turned out to be a total DUD!  I bet you were devastated. I bet you were disillusioned at every toy commercial on the TV in the future.  Your heart was broken because you worshipped this toy and it let you down.

Worthless Worship

Every day I watch people worship something that is totally worthless. I watch people worship a paycheck or a position at work. I watch people worship status in their community, or the way that their body looks, or a relationship. Basically I watch people devote their time, their attention, and their money to something that will totally let them down.

Everyone worships something!  You see… whatever has your time- whatever has your attention- whatever has your singular focus- whatever your heart is set on… that is what you worship!

The Bible challenges us about the way we worship.  It challenges us to examine what we put our focus on daily.  It challenges us to look at our lifestyle and examine if Jesus really is the most important person in our life?

Who do you worship?

So what about you? Who do you worship? Be honest- does Jesus really have first place in your life or do you worship yourself, someone, or something else?

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