Why do so many men in our society look to work to satisfy something deep inside? Have you ever asked that question? Have you ever wondered what made your father spend all his time at work rather than at home throwing a baseball in the backyard with you? What made your mother choose a full-time job rather than being a stay-at-home mom?

Working for what?

Some men make decisions about their office hours based on a standard of living. Sometimes your mother’s decision to work outside the home was motivated by a standard of living. You’re going to have to work like a dog to get and to keep luxury vacations, fast cars and big houses.

If a parent wants to be able to spend a lot of time with their children while they are young, you are going to have to make some sacrifices in your standard of living. You can’t have both- a lot of time at home and a great salary at the same time today in our society.

Working for whom?

Some decisions about work or motivated by pride or respect. By this, I mean, that many men are looking for the big promotion because they believe it will make them feel more important. They look to a corner office, a title on the door, or a large wooden desk for satisfaction deep inside. This is the real trap into which many men and women have fallen in our society.

When you fail to turn to Jesus to define your value as a human being you will inevitably start to look for other things. The great trap in our society today is to turn to promotion or paychecks to define your value as a human being. This is a form of worship.

Worshipping work?

When a man or a woman starts to seek value and meaning from anything other than Jesus you have started to worship that thing. The reason why work doesn’t work as a form of worship is because it can’t ascribe value to who you are as a person. Work only gives value to what you do.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing what you do with who you are. Your value as a child of God is infinitely greater than what you do. Your worth in God’s sight is much more valuable than the bottom line of the sales report.

You are worth so much to God that he would send his only Son to rescue you from your sins so that he could have a relationship with you and you could have a relationship with him. Only Jesus can answer the deepest longings in your soul. Don’t look to promotions, possessions, or paychecks to substitute what only Jesus can provide.

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