Who’s on the Highway to Hell?

We just started a sermon series looking at the topic of Hell. We started answering some very specific questions about hell. Questions like: Is it actually hot; do you burn and/or feel it? If you commit suicide, regardless of being a believer or non-believer, do you automatically go to Hell?            Are there levels or dimensions to Hell? Why does Hell exist?      Where is Hell?

These are great questions. I consider honest questions a compliment. I consider sincere questions that the idea that a person is honestly possible what the topic. Many people ask questions to drive a point home or to make someone stumble. I believe when people ask sincere questions are ready to study and to research the answers for themselves. Our church is going to try to answer every question possible about Hell.

Highway to Hell

In the process, I hope to correct the distorted thinking about Hell. I hope to correct the highway to hell mentality that it is going to be “party time and our friends will be there too.” In the process, I hope to give our church a more biblical view of Hell.

How well do you understand Hell? How sincerely have you researched this topic? Do you know exactly what you believe about Hell, and why you believe it? If not, you’ve got some work to do- and we’re here to help.

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