What Unites Jesus’ Church

There are a lot of things that make churches unique. Jesus’ church is supposed to function like a body.   All bodies are different. This is also true of Jesus’ church.

Jesus’ churches vary in size. Some are small, intimate churches- others are large and can be overwhelming. Jesus’ churches very by location also. Some are located down dusty farm roads, some are located along major interstates, and some are nestled among the sprawling suburbs in the city.   Churches vary in musical styles. Some churches play no music at all, some lean toward the pipe organ, and some have a large band on stage. Churches also vary in color of skin.   Some are multiracial and multiethnic others appeal to only one type of person.

Notice… nowhere in this list of church differences did I imply that one type of church was better than the other. Difference doesn’t mean better or worse, it just means different. And Jesus’ church is wondrously, gloriously different all over the world.

 United we stand

With so many vast differences what unites all of Jesus’ churches?   Well, the obvious answer to the question is – JESUS. All of these diverse churches worship the same risen Savior.

Maybe you were looking for something a little bit more profound than Jesus. There is another answer to the question that unites all of Jesus’ churches- the Great Commission.   Jesus has tasked his church in all locations, using all appropriate means available, at all times to fulfill the Great Commission. The Great Commission is Jesus’ last words to his church before leaving her.

All churches in all cities for all times

With this important statement found in Matthew 28, Jesus unites all churches and all cities of times behind one purpose- to spread Jesus’ name across the globe. “All churches”- that means every church that worships Jesus should share the workload of reaching their city for King Jesus’ glory.

“All cities” means that Jesus speaks to redeem sinners from every village, city and nation on earth.   At “all times”- means that from the moment that Jesus left earth to return to heaven, he left his church with one mission- a mission that lasts until he returns and ends human history, as we know it. Your church today should be focused on the same mission on which Jesus’ church 200 years ago or 2000 years ago was focused. The mission of fulfilling the Great Commission is Jesus’ mandate for his church. A church that is focused on anything else is missing the center of the bull’s eye.

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