What mark will you leave?

You have no control over how and where you were born. You didn’t choose to be born in the country which you were born. You didn’t choose in which time to be born. You have no choice in the selection of your parents- all of that was chosen for you by God. Sometimes we complain about the circumstances of our childhood, but most of us had absolutely no choice in the matter.

You also have no choice when you will die. Work out as much as you like, drink all the protein you can, eat healthy and get lots of sleep, it still won’t stop the day of your death- that date is fixed in heaven by God.

What mark will you leave?

You do have complete control over what happens to your life between the date of your birth and the date of your death. You choose what the mark of your life looks like.

By “mark” I’m specifically referring to that “–“ on your tombstone that separates birth from death. None of us decide what birth date appears on the tombstone; none of us can stop the death date on the tombstone, but all of us choose what the mark of our life looks like.

So what will your mark look like? Will it show a life of service to others? Will it show a life that impacted the world around you? Will it show a life of somebody who made the world a better place? Or will your “mark” look like someone who lived for self and make no impact on the world around them.

You’ve got one shot at it- so make that “–“ count! Make the “mark” matter long after you’re gone!

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