What I think about Somalia today

This past spring I returned to Mogadishu Somalia, 20 years after the big battle in Black Hawk Down.  Much of the city looks exactly the same as it did when we fought back in October 1993.  However there is a great deal that has changed in Mogadishu since then.

Twenty years ago I believed that Mogadishu could’ve been one of the world’s most beautiful resort cities.  I still think the city is beautiful.  However, Mogadishu is struggling to deal with the violence and instability that Al Shabab is creating.

I could see the government trying to regain control of much of the capital city.  It’s clear that they are trying to introduce law enforcement and military into problem areas in the city.  I have high hopes for Mogadishu, for Somalia, and for the rest of the Horn of Africa.

What you may not understand is that I harbor no hard feelings for the Somali people.  I don’t even harbor hard feelings for those who shot against me 20 years ago in the state battle.  In fact many times I have prayed that God would change the hearts of many men and women in Mogadishu and that the country would go through a radical transformation because men and women are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  You see I believe there’s only one hope for Mogadishu- it’s not a hope in the strong government, it’s not a hope in support from the international community, it’s not even a hope for peace among the warring factions in Mogadishu- my hope is that God will transform the city by transforming souls.  My hope is that many men and women would find the peace that only Jesus can bring in their soul first and then introduce Jesus’ peace into their city.

I hope you will pray with me about the people of Mogadishu.  Pray that God would raise up leaders in the city who will drive out Al Shabab.  Pray that the people of Somalia will become a light to the rest of Africa and to the world.

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