We finally found our next Executive Pastor

I am very proud to announce that Calvary Baptist Church has just offered the position of Executive Pastor to Jason Rogers. Jason comes with extensive experience as a pastor and church leader. It was a long and challenging process to find our next executive pastor. Let me explain this process for just a little bit.

I believe Calvary Baptist Church has a remarkable team of pastors.  However, for over two years a key pastoral position has been vacant at our church. Calvary began searching for an Executive Pastor by looking for qualified candidates within our church. When those candidates didn’t meet the criteria for this position, we next searched in our local community. After no one was found within our community, we started a search of neighboring communities in the southeastern United States, and we were still unable to find a suitable Executive Pastor.

We next contracted with a nationally recognized church search firm to help us find a pastor who fit Calvary’s unique circumstances. This search firm presented more than 10 candidates over a course of nine months. Unfortunately, none of those candidates met the basic requirements for this position. After working extensively with that search firm, it became obvious that they were unable to present somebody who was “hirable” for this position.  In a personal meeting with the owner of that national search firm, I let them know that we were canceling our contract and contracting with a new search firm.

We next contracted with the Slingshot Group. I cannot say enough good things about this organization. They immediately went to work learning who we are and what makes Calvary Baptist Church unique. They came ready to listen to our unique requirements for this position, as well as coach us on how to best orchestrate this search. Within the first meeting, I realized that this firm had our best intentions in mind.  The Slingshot representative understood our church better within 90 minutes than the previous search firm did in nine months. Within the first full day of meeting with our staff and church leadership, it became obvious that Slingshot loves to connect people. It’s obvious by the length of time this position went available that we weren’t looking for somebody to hire immediately.  However, Slingshot understood us and immediately started to build connections between us and Pastor Jason Rogers. I’m convinced they would have kept working with us, even if it took months to find the right person for this position. (I’m glad it didn’t take that long.) The Slingshot Group really does love Jesus’s church. I’m convinced Calvary will be better because of Slingshot helping us find our Executive Pastor.

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