“The hardest bullet to dodge comes from the gun you point at yourself!”

Greatness begins the moment you stop listening to self doubt. There is nothing wrong with having doubts about your abilities. Doubts are simply the result of untested limits.  Most of us will never know our true potential until we put our doubts to the test and test our own limits. 

However,  feelings of inferiority will always hold you back until you challenge those feelings.  

These feelings are like pointing a gun at yourself. It’s hard to move beyond the negative remarks other people make about your abilities, and it’s impossible to move beyond the negative feelings you have about your own abilities… until you put those abilities to the test.

I was reminded of this principle in a recent interview with Dave Eubank. He reminded me that “The hardest bullet to dodge comes from the gun you point at yourself”. 

Admit your weaknesses

This interview reminded me that the moment you come face-to-face with your weaknesses can make or break you. Learning your weakness is humbling. It’s more disappointing when you let yourself down much more than others let you down. However, when you admit your weaknesses, rather than explain them away,  you’ve just taken the first step toward growing stronger in spite of them.

Your past does not have to define you. Your flaws should make you humble, but they can also make you stronger at the same time. 

I look up to Dave as a humanitarian and a Christian leader.  I also look up to him as a servant of God.  However, Dave made some mistakes in life.  After a divorce, Dave felt like he was unfit for any kind of service to God. This divorce was like a self-inflicted wound to Dave.  And then he felt God calling him to go overseas and help people. Struggling with this internal desire to go overseas, Dave wondered if it was possible to overcome his self-inflicted wound and become a missionary.   

God’s grace is greater

His greatest setbacks were all because of his own actions. Although Dave had doubts in himself because of his past, he never doubted God.  He learned that God’s will is stronger than any of his fears. He became a  beacon of hope and a brave leader who will do everything he can to lend a helping hand.

Today, Dave leads Free Burma Rangers, the ministry he founded to train up leaders to help civilians who are caught in the crossfire of combat.  His efforts started in Burma but have spread to Iraqi, Syria, and around the world. 

During this interview, Dave describes why he left his family and his ministry to fly halfway around the world to give immediate assistance to the people who were stranded in Afghanistan when the Taliban took power after the withdrawal of US and NATO forces. 

Life is an adventure. It’s the journey of life that satisfies the soul. No matter how we meticulously mapped out our life, we will stumble over some rocks  along the way.

When you stumble in life and disappoint yourself, remember that what falls harder, bounces higher. Dave Eubank’s life is a powerful story of the grace of God moving a man beyond his mistakes to become a missionary. You don’t want to miss this episode. 

Interview with Dave Eubank Parts 1 & 2

Free Burma Rangers Documentary Film

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