Stop living for more and start living more

Beau Maier grew up in Cody, Wyoming. The beautiful views of Big Sky Country make people feel like they are special. Beau grew up surrounded by special people who gave him a strong sense of destiny.  Because of his start in life, Beau had everything in place to make a name for himself.

However, Beau’s life was anything but perfect. Problems at home became problems with the law for Beau as a teen. He was in and out of custody by the time he was 14 years old. He started living for something that life couldn’t provide. Beau’s father’s suicide caused a flood of struggles and difficulties that plagued Beau for many years.

Like many men his age, the attacks on America on 11 September 2001 left a deep impression on him. His patriotism and desire to defend his country motivated him to enlist in the Army after these attacks. This became the first link in a heavy chain around Beau’s heart.

Be more free

Like any good warrior, Beau focused great effort on defeating the enemies of our country. However, he really didn’t understand that before he could be truly free from enemies outside of him, he would need to learn how to become free from the greater enemy inside him. If you want to be free from the pressures and stresses of this world, that freedom must begin on the inside.

I’m convinced far too many people waste their lives focused on the wrong results. I know countless people who focus on pursuing a goal or conquering a challenge in hopes that this sense of success or satisfaction will give their lives meaning. Unfortunately, Beau saw this firsthand after leaving the military when several of his buddies took their own lives.

I never want to minimize the rewards of pursuing a worthy goal. I always challenge people to stand up to their greatest challenges in life. However, I am equally convinced that pursuing goals or conquering challenges alone cannot bring true meaning and ultimate satisfaction in life. The biggest battles in life will always be the battles inside. Your darker side will always be the hardest person you will ever face.

By feeling more

Freedom from the guilt of failures and the shame of mistakes is a liberating experience that few people get to enjoy. Not having a heart crowded with hate or a head crowded with negative thoughts opens people up to possibilities for a new future. This freedom creates space for better things in life to start to take root in your heart and head.

Beau experienced this firsthand when he started to wean himself from the pain medications prescribed by the Veterans Administration and started to pursue becoming a better man from the inside out. This revelation opened Beau up to seeing the needs of people around him instead of being entirely self-absorbed in his own problems and failures.

The implications are enormous. Most people’s lives are so crowded by chasing possessions or pursuing the wrong goals that they will never really get to experience the simple beauty of this type of freedom.

Begin living more

All of us have problems and challenges that we face. Most of those problems take hard work, but some seem overwhelming. They feel like oceans of hardships in front of us. When Beau finally got to this stage of life, he made a decision that would affect him for the rest of his life.

He could either be overwhelmed by his problems or dig down deep and fight his hardships

This launched Beau’s incredible endeavor to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Beau and his friend Alex decided to use this challenge to raise awareness and money for veteran suicide. They labeled this challenge “Fight Oar Die.”   -a perfect description of the choice before all of us when facing overwhelming difficulties.

After raising more than $500,000 and raising awareness of veteran suicide, Beau and Alex were able to cross the Atlantic Ocean using only human power successfully. To this day, I am in awe of this accomplishment. However, I’m more inspired by Beau’s far more difficult journey to free himself from his mistakes and painful past.

I believe that Beau is an example that we all should learn from. Don’t make the mistake of living for more… more stuff, possessions, power, fame, and fill-in-the-blank. Rather, start living more deeply, satisfied, and at peace when you stop living for accomplishments and possessions.

Listen to Beau’s whole story HERE in my recent interview with him.

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