Sometimes I Hear Voices

Have you heard the voice of God? I don’t mean an audible voice from heaven; I’m asking have you ever heard God’s subtle voice speaking to your soul?

Back in Old Testament times God chose to speak to his people through prophets, angels, dreams and visions. Rarely, if ever, did God really speak with an audible voice to his people. One of the times that God did speak out loud terrified the people. In Exodus chapter 20 God delivered the 10 Commandments. God established The Law by giving these “10 Words”. Have you ever thought about how God delivered those 10 Commandments?

 God’s Booming Voice

The famous movie Ben Hur shows Moses coming down from the Sinai Mountain with two stone tablets in his hands. Printed on those stone tablets by the finger of God were the 10 Commandments. But a careful reading of Exodus 20 reveals that, although God did give Moses the 10 Commandments written in stone, he first delivered The Law to his people with his audible voice! In fact his voice was so terrifying that Exodus 20 tells us the people cried out to Moses on their behalf. Wanting God to stop speaking they asked for Moses to speak in God’s place.  They were so terrified by God’s voice that they were certain they would die if God continued speaking to them audibly.

 Listening to God’s Holy Spirit

I think it is mind-blowing that God continues to speak to his people today through his Holy Spirit. This means that God now speaks to his people in much more intimate ways today than he spoke in the Old Testament, including his voice booming from Mount Sinai in Exodus 20. What is even more mind blowing is that many of his people have tuned out God’s voice from their daily lives. Many followers of Jesus have become so busy and so overwhelmed by the competing voices in our society that they rarely ever hear God’s spirit speaking to their souls anymore.

God still speaks to his people today like he did in the Old Testament. He speaks in much more intimate ways today than ever before. Unfortunately, many of his people have tuned out his voice by an over-busy life. So, what about you? Are you hearing God’s Spirit speaking to your soul? Is your life so busy that even if he was speaking, you couldn’t hear him? If so, maybe you need to clear up some of the clutter of your life so that you can hear his voice. Maybe you need to focus on him by tuning out the other voices in your life that are competing for your attention.

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