Douglas, soldier from Germany, “I have since distributed all of the tracts out to my soldiers, and they have been begging me for more. I have never seen a small booklet be so powerful, but your story has spread like wildfire and everyone here in Germany has been coming to get their hands on it.”

Chris, soldier from Fort Knox, “Like every new private I dream of being able to be a Ranger, but I also want a better relationship with God. I had been attending services where I found your book ‘Bullet Proof Faith’. It inspires me to not only be a better soldier, but also a better Christian. I realize now that I can possibly (maybe) live my life without being a Ranger, but I can not live or thrive in this life without God.”

Reginald, from jail, “I’m trying to improve my relationship with God. Since ’98 I’ve been in and out of jail, and I’m sure the Lord’s given me numerous times to get on the right path and I hope and pray this time I’ll find the right one.”

Enrique, soldier from Fort Jackson, “I just finished reading your book and I can’t tell you how much it has done for me. It really hit me right at home. I too have thought before that no matter what happens I will be going home. But at the same time if it were to happen, I feel that I also don’t want to leave my family. I’m not ready to. Yet, after reading your book I found myself touched deeply by your words. It basically tells me in my perception that I need to be strong because God needs me out here for whatever his reasons may be.”

Rodriguez, soldier in Afghanistan, “Thank you for the inspiring booklet, ‘Bullet Proof Faith’. Although I am already a Christian, your words brought me a stronger faith. As a Christian I also know if I die I’ll go home to heaven and be with my Savior. So, no matter what happens to me tonight, I’m going home.”

Paul, soldier in Iraq, “Thank you for your words of inspiration. I’ve been in the Army for almost 20 years and this is my first deployment. I guess the Lord and the Army have both blessed me to this point. The words you wrote in your booklet will keep me inspired and trusting for the next 50 weeks. Thanks for the service and sacrifice you have personally made for God and our country.”

Mark, soldier from Fort Benning, “I was talking with a friend after chapel services and he showed me your booklet. I recognized your name from the movie, Black Hawk Down. I decided to read the pamphlet. It really moved me. I am now using faith to motivate me to achieve my goal of becoming a Ranger. I wanted to say that your pamphlet has helped me to accept Christ and to become a baptized Christian.”

Mindy, fiance to soldier, “My fiance` just returned from helping the hurricane victims in Mississippi. He was unpacking and your booklet was among the papers he brought home. I sat down and read it and couldn’t fight back the tears. He will soon be leaving for a deployment in Iraq. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with others. It has been so helpful to us.”

Robert, businessman from Alabama, “I had the privilege of hearing you speak at a luncheon last month. I cannot tell you how much your words meant to me. I have mentioned it to several people and shown them your booklet. This has set off a chain reaction and several people have asked me for copies of it. Your story is truly inspiring and I look forward to the opportunity to see you again.”

Valerie, soldier from Fort Benning, “I want to express my gratitude and thanks to you for serving our country. My husband is currently in Iraq and I just returned from Korea. I take pride in serving my country and one thing that always comforts me is my faith in God. I read your booklet and I felt proud as an American and proud as a soldier. I know for sure if I were to die today I would spend eternity with God in heaven.”

Kevin, soldier from Fort Jackson, “I have prayed the prayer and asked for forgiveness. I feel like a new person and a better person. I realize I was living a sinful life but now I’ll strive to do better for God. Reading the booklet, ‘Bullet Proof Faith’ changed my life as a Christian and as being a better soldier.

Zach, soldier from Fort Benning, “I wanted to thank you for writing your booklet. I found a copy of it and was moved to tears while reading it. I was a Christian prior to entering into the service and your display of faith showed me an example of strength I never knew existed. I pray that if I am facing a similar situation in my military career I will be able to stay as strong in my faith as you. Thank you again for sharing your story with me.”

Douglas, soldier in Iraq, “Just when I needed inspiration the most your prayer came through for me. I’m at present in Iraq serving in a hospital with trauma, wounded and dying and no one to turn to. I need our Lord in my life now more than ever forever. I found strength in your words.”

Michael, soldier from Fort Benning, “I read your story and it struck me as one of the most amazing, inspiring stories ever. To know there is a chance I will see combat and war is scary, but I also use my fear to push myself farther. I have read and prayed the prayer. No matter what happens to me I know I’m in good hands. If by chance I die in combat, I will go home to my Savior.”

John, soldier in Afghanistan, “Thank you for helping me find something I already had. I invited Jesus into my life when I was younger but had turned away from his path. When I asked to have my sins forgiven it was like a burden was being removed from my heart. Thank you again for helping me find that path and I promise you, I will never stray from it again.”

Shateeka, soldier in Iraq, “I would like to thank you for your service and your powerful words in the pamphlet ‘Bullet Proof Faith’. I am definitely a believer, but your story made me even a stronger believer that God is real. I am currently serving my second tour in Iraq and since giving my life to the Lord I have noticed that it isn’t as bad as the first deployment. You have truly inspired me to continue to have faith in God. I cannot imagine living without God in my life.”

Jim, businessman from Michigan, “I wanted to tell you a neat story. I was on a plane and the lady next to me asked me about my association with the military. She then pulled out a copy of “Black Hawk Down” and asked me if I knew anything about it. She said that she was in the airport bookstore looking for something to read and that “something” told her to buy the book. She knew nothing about it or even the subject! So, I reached into my briefcase and pulled out a “Bullet Proof Faith” and gave it to her. I told her that it was the companion book! We then got into a pretty good spiritual conversation for the rest of the trip. She did not know the Lord. She didn’t accept Christ right then and there but only God knows where this will lead. Thanks for all you do!”

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