Small Faith in a big God

God, by his very nature, is greater than all other beings!   God ceases to be God if there is anyone or anything greater than him.

The Greatness of God

Psalm 48:1 is a clear declaration of the greatness of God.  This psalm describes how God blesses and protects his people.  The more that we understand who God is the more he deserves our worship. The more that we see what Jesus did for us, the more that we are compelled to love him and serve him.  The more that the Holy Spirit works in our lives the more our faith should look supernatural when times get tough.

So what does it communicate to people who see Christians with a small, weak faith?

The problem with a small faith

When Israel was facing battles from an army much bigger than themselves God reminded them to trust in him alone!  In Deuteronomy 7:21 God reminds his people not to worry about the Egyptian army because he is stronger than that mighty army.

Every person is challenged with the size of their faith in a great God during hard times.  The men and women who do great acts in the Bible do so because of the greatness of God, not the greatness of their faith.   One of the fundamental problems that I see with faith is that it requires us to trust in something greater than ourselves. All faith requires hope in the unknown in order to be genuine.

I am a big fan of bold faith!   I’m not talking about the kind of people who take foolish, senseless risks. I’m talking about faith that is undeniable- faith that cannot be explained by circumstances or self-ability.   The men and women who “risk it all” on Jesus really impress me.   Big faith – bold faith says something about the greatness of God to all who see it.

The glory of a Great God

Our mission in life is to bring God glory.  Therefore, accomplishing that mission requires bold faith.   As God’s people demonstrate bold faith the unbelieving world sees his glory in action. Psalm 48:3 suggests that God puts his glory on display by answering the call of bold faith.

Are you living for the glory of God? When your neighbors that don’t know Jesus watch you, do they see insane faith?   Or do they see a very “safe” faith?   Do you have the kind of experiences where if God didn’t show up it would have been a total disaster?  Are you exercising bold faith right now?     Our world is desperate to see if God is real. They’re looking at the way you live your life for the answer to that question.

So, go for it. Risk it all on Jesus- then sit back and watch him put his glory on display through you.

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