Riding the “Un” Merry-Go-Round

Sometimes we act like big babies!  Imagine this scene… a mother and father take their beautiful daughter to the park.  It’s their goal to shower her with affection so dad takes off work and mom makes a picnic lunch. They want to give her a special day and let her know how important she is.  She sees a merry-go-round in the middle of the park and her eyes light up. Mom and dad dig deep in their pockets and put their baby girl on this beautiful white horse.   They stand on her left and right as the horse goes up and down and the merry-go-round goes round and round.   But instead of smiling and laughing the little girl starts to cry.

She wants to ride the pink horse in front of her.   The white horse isn’t good enough for her. She has to have the pink horse. The problem is another little girl is riding the pink horse.   Pretty soon, this little tyrant can’t enjoy the ride, or her parents, or the day in the park. All she can see is another little girl riding “her” pink horse.   I have witnessed many adults who act like this spoiled little girl on the “un” merry-go-round

Looking at the horse someone else is riding

The problem in this tale is not the pink horse.   It’s not even the white horse.  The problem is perspective.  If the little girl riding the white horse would take her eyes off the pink horse she, would notice how much her parents love her.   She would notice a beautiful day in the park.   She would notice birds singing, children playing, and a day of laughter.

We often have the same problem with perspective.  When you start looking at the job that your coworker has it causes you to take your eyes off the white horse.   When you start looking at the car your neighbor drives it takes your eyes off the white horse.   When you start looking at the clothes that another woman wears, another couple’s marriage, or the beach vacation that your friends just got back from-  it can make you miserable.

Looking for a stop button

So where is the stop button on this “un” merry-go-round?  How do you get off the amusement park ride turned into a nightmare?   I’m not sure I have all the answers here; because sometimes I find myself riding the “un” merry-go-round also.   But perhaps one of the answers is to take your eyes off of your surroundings and place your eyes on your Savior. Perhaps the answer is to remember that God is sovereign, that he determines your destiny, that he loves you and wants to enjoy a day in the park with you!  This should help you get off this “un” merry-go-round.

When I find myself wrestling with my own personal “un” merry-go-rounds, I try to put my eyes back on Jesus. I try to remember what Jesus did for me by rescuing me from my sins.   I try to think about the relationship I have with my Creator here and the future I have waiting for me in Heaven.

Learning to enjoy the horse we’re riding

My hope is that you learn to appreciate the white horse.   Who cares if the spoiled little girl in front of me is riding the pink horse?   She probably doesn’t appreciate the pink horse either. She’s probably throwing a fit because she can’t ride the white horse.

When the stuff that you own, the lifestyle that your living, or the relationships that you are in don’t satisfy you anymore-  stop looking around and start looking up.   Remember that your Father in Heaven loves you enough to die for you.   Remember that every good and perfect gift comes from him. Remember that you don’t deserve his grace yet he showers you with it anyway. Remember that what’s waiting for you in Heaven is infinitely better than what’s available to you here.  Remember that he gives rest for the weary and hope to the discouraged and the white horse starts to seem pretty awesome.

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