Remembering my fallen hero

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in America. This is the weekend where we honor men and women who have given their life in service to our country. As a retired US Army Soldier I have a lot of friends that I think about over Memorial Day weekend. However, I’m not going to talk about them today.  I love my friends, and I want to honor what they’ve done for our country but today, I want to talk about my Hero.  Jesus is my Hero. Memorial day reminds me of Jesus, and what he did for me personally.

Freedom has a cost

If you live in a free country, you already know there is a cost for your freedom. But if you have been made free from sin, you understand there was a cost for your personal freedom as well as your national freedom.  All of us were born slaves to sin (Romans 3:23).   It took a supernatural rescue to buy you back from your sin (John 8:34-36).

You should thank God for the brave men and women who gave you national freedom. But if you know Jesus Christ personally, you cannot ignore the price that your personal freedom cost.  This is the price Jesus described in John 15:13. It was described in Romans 6:23.  It cannot be avoided in Hebrews 9:22.

Someone had to die

The reason why Memorial Day is such a special holiday in America is because we remember people who have made the greatest sacrifice. There is no greater sacrifice you can make then to give your life in exchange for our freedom. That’s why, we should never forget those brave warriors who died defending us.

Just like men and women had to fight to protect our nation, someone had to fight to rescue you back from sin. That someone was Jesus. God sent Jesus on a suicide mission (1 John 4:10).   It took a blood sacrifice for sin to be paid for. That blood sacrifice was accomplished by Jesus on the cross once for all time (Hebrews 5:7-8)!

I have a responsibility

Now that I have been made free, I have a responsibility to others who are still in bondage to sin. I am indebted to all of those who don’t know Jesus, to give them the opportunity to hear what Jesus did for them (Romans 6:22).   Everyone who has heard the Gospel, owes the Gospel to everyone who hasn’t yet heard it!

Just like I have responsibility to remember the fallen warriors on Memorial Day weekend. I have a responsibility to remember what Jesus did for me on the cross.   This weekend, don’t forget the price paid for your freedom. Don’t forget the warriors who sacrificed for our nation. Don’t forget what Jesus did to buy you back from your sin. Have a great Memorial Day!

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