Ep. 11: Crystal Harrell- “From government housing to ivy league”

She had every reason not to succeed- wrong side of the tracks, wrong color of skin, wrong gender, and plenty of people telling her that she’ll never achieve her dreams.

That’s the childhood of my guest for this special Thanksgiving episode of UNBEATABLE.

Crystal Harrell was 1 of 10 siblings who lived in a single-parent home after her father passed away. She overcame these obstacles to become a #1 best selling author, Les Brown-trained speaker, and certified coach. She left government housing for the Ivy League as she pursued a PhD at Yale University.

As an academic success coach, Crystal helps students successfully navigate through higher education using her virtual coaching business, Crystal Clear Innovation.

In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • What it takes to break the cycle of poverty
  • How to handle your critics and raise above your circumstances
  • How this first-generation college student is following an unbeatable dream
  • The dangers of looking for validation in the praise of others
  • Why a love of reading and education can change your future

PLUS, you’ll hear what life is like in a trailer park from both me and Crystal.

Check out her official website: https://crystalclearinnovation.com/
Get her #1 best selling book, Crystal Clear: A Journey of Self-Discovery: (From Public Housing to Ivy League)

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