Ep. 92: Alton Gansky- The thrills and agonies of writing a book

I’ve been asked about 1,000 times how to write and publish a book. Today’s guest is a brilliant author who has written 52 books, won multiple awards, holds a literary doctorate, and teaches writing at the highest level. None of my fiction books could have been written without him, and there’s no one better to tell you how to go from an idea in your mind to a published book.

You’ll hear:

  • What it takes to receive a literary doctorate
  • How he captures someone else’s voice and experiences so well in his writing
  • The top 3 tips he teaches writers at conferences
  • The #1 thing to remember throughout the whole process
  • A reality check on just how tough it can be to get a book published through a publisher
  • Why you should write, despite the (sometimes grueling) difficulties

Learn more about Alton Gansky HERE

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