Ep 88: Alex Maddox- Turning Pain into Purpose

Less than 5 years after losing her husband, Chase Maddox, who was killed on duty as a police officer, Alex Maddox learned that lightning DOES sometimes strike twice, in the same place. In 2018, Alex was left with her 7-year-old son Bradin, and her son Bodie, who was born four days after her husband’s death. In 2022, due to complications stemming from a congenital brain abnormality, Bradin tragically passed away.

Alex’s pain has been intense, but thanks to Band of Blue – an organization helping families of fallen officers, she now encourages other families, helping them work through their grief. She believes you can turn pain into purpose, and she’s proving that every day.

You’ll hear:

  • The choice that Alex and Chase made, despite the risks Chase faced daily in his work
  • What Alex means when she says, “Don’t die with the dead”
  • How she has kept Chase’s memory alive in her family
  • Her beautiful final words to her son Bradin right before he passed away
  • Alex’s words of encouragement to survivors of extreme grief
  • How Band of Blue changed her life and inspired her to turn her pain into purpose

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