Ep. 84: Jay Allen- Don’t ever quit. The last man standing wins.

Award-winning Nashville country music singer Jay Allen wrote a song called “Blank Stares” in honor of his mom who passed away from early-onset Alzheimer’s that went viral with over 500 million views. The song has not only raised over $100 million for Alzheimer’s research and support of families dealing with this disease, but it also helped Jay discover the legacy he feels his mom left him as he helps to shed light on Alzheimer’s.

Getting to this point in his career has been filled with hills, dark valleys, and heartbreak. But he’s kept going, because he knows the last man standing wins.

You’ll hear:

  • How he got into music and what started his singing career
  • What kept him from moving to Nashville for many years and what helped him survive once he got there
  • The piece of advice that country music star Billy Currington gave him that changed everything
  • What it was like to watch his mom deteriorate from Alzheimer’s and the beautiful moment that gave inspiration for his viral song
  • Why the president of Sony promised Jay that every dime the company received from “Blank Stares” would be used to shine a light on Alzheimer’s

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