Ep. 79: Brittany Clayborne- Healing people in places science can’t reach

When Brittany gave birth to her son, she thought she was healthy … until she had a heart attack immediately afterward. The downhill spiral from there – medically dying of heart failure 6 times, being among 1% of women who need a heart transplant, and diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer within a year after finally receiving her long-awaited transplant – turned into a catalyst for Brittany to accomplish more with her life than she ever thought possible. She earned a master’s and PhD during the most stressful periods of her life, aiming to help others cope with being on the edge of death.

You’ll hear:

  • How the plans Brittany had for starting her family were radically different from reality
  • What got her through being confined to Cardiac ICU for 9 months
  • What caused her to keep going after she almost gave up on her battle to “hang in there” after waiting almost 3 years for a heart transplant
  • What she has learned are the MOST important things in life
  • How she got her doctorate while undergoing chemo and radiation for Stage 4 cancer … less than a year after her heart transplant.
  • How both Brittany and her 12-year-old son work to help critical illness patients and their families create environments where they can heal.

Learn about Brittany’s life and mission on her website

Connect with her on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram.

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