Ep. 73: Bryan Martin- Don’t Give Up in the Valley

The songs Bryan Martin writes and sings resonate with listeners on a deep level. And over 13 million streams and 2 million views of his viral TikTok video “Beauty In The Struggle” prove it. It’s not just the words that are powerful; it’s the way he sings them. His Cherokee indigenous heritage, combined with influences from cowboy family members, shows up in many of his songs.

But the reason his music resonates with people is because they come from real struggles. Bryan has overcome addiction and survived back-to-back suicide attempts. Now he encourages others and says, “As long as you’re struggling, you’re strengthening.”

You’ll hear:

  • What it was like to be a roughneck on an oil rig in Louisiana where “everything around you is there to kill you.”
  • What kept him going after miraculously surviving suicide attempts
  • What he believes music can do for people and why he writes it
  • Why he’s thankful for the struggles he’s endured in his life
  • His encouragement to those in a low spot right now
  • About his new hit single, “Wolves Cry”

Learn more about Bryan on his website HERE.

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