Ep. 70: Edie Hand- How to Have ‘True Grit’

Edie Hand has impacted thousands through her gift of storytelling. She’s a businesswoman, speaker, media personality, filmmaker, and author with a passion for helping women share their stories of triumph through intense life challenges. Inspired by the movie True Grit with John Wayne, she produced a video series called Women of True Grit. She herself has suffered loss and survived cancer 4 times. So, she inspires women with her own grit, as well.

You’ll hear:

  • What losing so many loved ones early in life taught her
  • How her famous cousin, Elvis Presley, inspired her
  • How she found her “refresh” button by sharing people’s stories with the world
  • Her favorite analogy for how you develop true grit
  • Her advice to anyone struggling with betrayal or loss
  • What she’s learned from surviving cancer 4 times

**Plus, Edie answers Jeff’s question about how she would spend a free day if she could go anywhere – with no responsibilities at home.

Check out the Women of True Grit website

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Watch some of the “Women of True Grit Vignettes”

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