Ep. 68: Jack Black & Dawid Malam- Lessons learned facing life-or-death in the toughest race on earth

Almost exactly one month ago, I took part in the Munga mountain bike race across a region called the Karoo in South Africa. The support I received before and during the race was amazing, and I want to share the biggest lessons I learned that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

The race didn’t go as planned, and I faced life-or-death challenges, but hopefully what I learned will help you as you tackle bold things in 2023. I also want to introduce you to Jack Black (Jacques Swart) and Dawid, 2 excellent cyclists I met in South Africa who truly inspire me and will definitely inspire you.

You’ll hear:

● About unexpected physical challenges I faced before the race even started

● How Dawid literally saved my life during the race

● How both Jack and Dawid inspire me

● What Shermer’s Neck is and how it could have been deadly

● What Jack and David love most about the Munga

● 2 big lessons I learned that will help you do something bold in 2023

IMPORTANT REQUEST: Shortly after the end of this year’s Munga race, a series of storms blew across part of the Karoo desert – including a tornado that destroyed the home of a family that has been very supportive of The Munga for several years. **If you would like to donate money to support this family in rebuilding their lives, click here and follow the instructions.

Learn more about Jack’s business, Gravel & Tour HERE.

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