Ep 59: Candyss Bryant- The ‘influencer’ behind the Best Ranger Competition

At age 20, Candyss told a fundraiser for building the National Infantry Museum, “I don’t know anything about the military, and I don’t want to know anything about the military.” Despite her boldness (or maybe because of it), she got the position and eventually became Executive Director of the National Infantry Association. 

3 years later, Candyss was asked to help revive the Army’s struggling (at the time) Best Ranger Competition. Despite the first 2 years being rough, she “toughed it out”, played a MAJOR role in making the competition the best in the world, and became one of the most highly-respected people in the entire organization…even as a civilian.

You’ll hear:

  • What “Chairborne Rangers” are and why Candyss sees the timing of her involvement as “divine intervention” and a confirmation of her purpose
  • Why she agreed to help with the Best Ranger Competition DESPITE being told she wouldn’t be paid
  • What it was like at first to be the only woman for miles around, as a civilian in a military environment
  • Her main ideas that turned the competition around
  • How the Ranger Creed is still part of her daily life 

*Plus, hear how she would spend a free day if she could go anywhere and do anything.

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