Ep. 57- When marriage problems are more painful than bombs on the battlefield

JB Spisso entered the military out of high school, never expecting to make a career of it. But after 26 years of service (including 10 years with the 75th Ranger Regiment), he retired as a Sergeant Major, having led some of the most elite teams.

He then entered the private sector coaching leaders on how to successfully climb the corporate ladder and writing the book Warrior Leadership: Steps to Success for Leaders on the Ground. Hear about his life as a warrior and leadership coach, but also how he had to navigate a tougher challenge at home than anything he faced in the Army.

You’ll hear:

  • How doing push-ups and pull-ups in a recruiter’s office landed him in Ranger School
  • How he learned to be “motivational loud” instead of “negative loud” as a leader
  • The key thing that made him better in all areas of his work in the Army
  • Why divorce is harder than the toughest military challenges
  • His advice for how to rebuild your life after a crushing divorce

**Plus, JB tells Jeff how he would spend a free day if he could go anywhere.

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