Ep 56: Gregg Martin- An Army General’s Boldest Move

Gregg Martin was on top of the world as a career warrior in the US Army.  Major General Martin had recently completed a Ph.D. at MIT, and he was serving as president of the National Defense University when he was called into the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was clear to everyone except Gregg that he had a problem. 

He was relieved of his duties at the university and ordered him to get mental help.  Although he didn’t want to admit he had a problem, in-patient treatment for his mental health condition finally revealed to Gregg what others around him could see. But rather than hiding his condition, Gregg made the boldest move of his career and became vocal about his mental health condition.   

You’ll hear:

  • How his success as an athlete prepared him for one of the most challenging careers on earth
  • What it’s like to lead 10,000 warriors across the “berm” and the tough fight to win Bagdad as a Brigade Commander in the Iraqi War
  • His unbeatable success as a student, receiving 2 master’s degrees and an earned Ph.D. from MIT while still serving in the US Army
  • What he learned after being fired by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Some basic signs that you or someone you love might be dealing with mental health issues

**Plus, in a new segment, Gregg Martin shares his favorite time when….

Read General Martin’s article on Mental Recovery HERE.

Learn more about Gregg HERE

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