Ep 50: Lindsey Jacobellis- Never giving up to win Olympic gold

Lindsey is the most decorated female snowboard cross athlete of all time as a 5-time world champion, 10-time Winter X Games champion,­ and 5-time Olympic competitor. In February 2022, she finally achieved her dream of winning Olympic gold as one of the oldest women in winter sports to ever do so. But in 2012, she suffered a major injury and had to fight to recover, wondering if she’d ever be able to compete again.

You’ll hear:

  • What caused her to choose snowboarding over skiing
  • Why she eventually stopped competing in slopestyle and halfpipe events
  • How hard it was to recover from her devastating ACL injury
  • What it was like to finally win gold in the 2022 Winter Olympics after so many tries
  • Lindsey’s encouragement to anyone struggling to keep going and close to giving up

**Plus, Jeff and Lindsey share about some of their biggest wipeouts (snowboarding for Lindsey and jumping out of airplanes for Jeff).

Watch Lindsey’s 2022 “Gold Medal Moment” on YouTube HERE.

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