Ep 49: Hilary Thomas- Placing an explosive charge on the “glass ceiling”

Hilary fell in love with construction at an early age while helping her dad in his contractor business. After a life-changing experience on a mission trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Hilary was inspired to help people. She enlisted in the military a few years later and became a combat engineer officer, shattering the glass ceiling as the 3rd woman ever to have completed BOTH the US Army Ranger School and the Sapper Leader Course.

You’ll hear:

●   How Hurricane Katrina helped Hilary discover her life’s goal 

●   Why she thought Ranger School sounded like fun

●   The challenges of leading as the only woman in all-male army units.

●   Why she likes to approach things “with a little bit of caution”

●   4 pieces of advice Hilary gives anyone who is a trailblazer in their career

**Plus, Jeff and Hilary talk about what it was like to be deprived of both food and sleep for days at a time during Ranger School.

Learn about Hilary’s current position as Senior Associate at the executive search firm on LinkedIn HERE.

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