Ep 48: Dr. Jason Cormier- How a top neurosurgeon stays mentally tough

Dr. Jason Cormier is what you might call a Renaissance man. He is considered one of the top neurosurgeons in the country and has worked with organizations like the NCAA, NFL, the military, and NASCAR on traumatic brain injury.

Before entering medicine, he played college basketball at LSU, and he loves to race cars and make music! But it wasn’t easy to develop the kind of mental toughness required to endure the stress and pressure of being a surgeon. Jason experienced abuse and depression in his early years, which almost led him to suicide. Instead, he used them to get mentally strong and focus on success.

You’ll hear:

●   How college basketball helped Jason excel as a neurosurgeon

●   The difference between tough and strong, and why mental toughness is what helps you handle stress

●   His top advice for those battling severe depression

●   Simple things you can do to keep your mind and body strong

●   About Jason’s book coming out soon called Driven.

**Plus, since Jason is a surgeon, he and Jeff share their top 5 jobs that require a steady hand. 

Learn more about Jason’s medical practice HERE.

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