Ep 45: Bill Gasiamis- How 3 life-threatening strokes were the best thing that ever happened

Bill Gasiamis was only 36, in perfect health, when he got the first hint that something might be wrong. He got a massive headache lasting almost three days, and the next year, his body inexplicably started to go numb. He has had 3 strokes, and the extreme challenges he experienced for years in recovery showed him how few resources there are for people struggling with severe problems. Because of that, he started a podcast to encourage people suffering after a stroke.

You’ll hear:

●   The underlying cause of his strokes

● How a traumatic brain injury dramatically changes life for everyone involved

●   Why he began apologizing to everyone he knew for his past actions

●   Why he says his adversity has been the best thing that has ever happened to him

●   How he uses his road to recovery to help others fight to heal from a stroke

**Plus, Jeff and Bill give advice for recovering from a variety of serious injuries, including Bill’s “three-pronged approach” and Jeff’s reminder about the spiritual aspect.

Learn more about Bill’s Recovery After Stroke podcast and community HERE 

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