Ep 44: Simon Kardynal — Top Lessons From a Leadership Expert

Simon Kardynal started training for leadership from the moment he joined the military at age 19 in the Royal Canadian Regiment. 5 years later, he moved to the Royal Canadian Air Force. During his 26-year career in the military, he learned that leadership principles apply in ALL walks of life, not just the military. Now he teaches those core, proven principles on his top-rated podcast.

You’ll hear:

● What humble servant leadership looks like

● How he learned to lead “with his heart” instead of just his mind

● The mindshift required to move from leading individuals to leading teams

● The key difference between being negligent and just making a mistake

● His #1 piece of advice for emerging leaders dealing with “impostor syndrome”

**Plus, Jeff and Simon each share what they consider to be the 5 most difficult non-military leadership roles in society.

Listen to Simon’s latest podcast episodes at Trench Leadership: A Podcast From the Front HERE.

Visit Simon on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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