Ep 43: Dr. Heng Lim- Survivor of Cambodia’s ‘Killing Fields’ Helps Patients ‘Want to Live Again’

3 years after barely escaping Cambodia’s Killing Fields at age 14, Dr. Lim moved to the US. He had only a 1st grade education, but through the encouragement of teachers and inspiration of Scripture, he graduated with top honors and became the first Cambodian-American dentist in the US. Today, he runs a world class dental practice and has an unstoppable passion for bringing life to the sick and poor in Cambodia.

You’ll hear:

●   How the Khmer Rouge forced him to work in a commune at age 10

●   What the Killing Fields were and how he escaped by running through a jungle filled with landmines, bandits, flying bullets, and wild animals

●   What gave him a strong desire to specifically want to move to America 

●   What happened when Dr. Lim’s wife Rachel (who also survived the Killing Fields) suddenly said she wanted to return to Cambodia

●   Why “rebuilding people’s faces” brings him so much joy

 **Plus, Jeff and Dr. Lim discuss the doctor-patient relationship in dentists’ offices … including stories about Jeff’s own unpleasant experiences with dentists.

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Order his books My Journey to Paradise and  The Ultimate Life: A Return to the “Killing Fields” 

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