Ep 22: Laura Okmin- It doesn’t get any bigger than being on the sidelines at the Super Bowl!

It’s Super Bowl Week! So, we’re excited to have long-time NFL Sideline Reporter Laura Okmin as our guest. Laura has covered more than 10 Super Bowls, hosted Olympic coverage from the London, Sochi and Pyeongchang games, and reported from multiple World Series, NBA and NHL championships. She’s also interviewed Michael Jordan, Cal Ripkin, Tom Brady, and many more. But, one of her proudest accomplishments is a program she founded called GALAVANIZE, which trains and mentors young women entering the sports world.

You’ll hear:

  • How she got into sports journalism
  • The many obstacles she has faced as one of the very few women covering high-profile sports events 
  • The terrifying experience that led her to decide to mentor the next generation of women in the sports world
  • Her advice for girls who have goals but lack the confidence to pursue them
  • About her book that helps children who have a parent battling cancer

**Plus, hear Laura’s favorite parts of being at a Super Bowl, as well as Jeff’s top 5 things Americans love about the big game.

Listen to Laura’s LIVE coverage of the 2022 Super Bowl at https://westwoodonesports.com/
Learn more about her amazing career HERE
Follow her on Instagram HERE

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