Ep 21: Mishka Sibert-Overcoming burnout as a sibling special needs caregiver

Autism can be a mystery to people who haven’t been around it. Most are also unaware of the heavy toll it can take on family members. This week’s guest, Podcaster/Producer/Autism Inclusion Advocate Mishka Sibert, has spent most of her life caring for her brother, Samko, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Mishka knows first-hand how difficult and stressful the life of a sibling caregiver can be. But, she also knows that there is beauty and uniqueness in each person with autism, and she works every day to create awareness and to advocate for those without a voice. 

You’ll hear:

  • About Mishka’s childhood growing up in Slovakia and not having any resources when Samko was diagnosed
  • What it means to be a “glass child”, while also working through anxiety and trauma
  • Mishka and Sam’s interesting connection to Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick
  • How they’ve turned Samko’s art into a thriving business that creates awareness
  • The story and purpose behind Mishka’s podcast, Happy Autism
  • Mishka’s advice to those who have family members with special needs. 

Plus, Jeff shares the top 5 lessons he’s learned about developing mental agility, which is the ability to not let circumstances hold you back. 

Listen to the Happy Autism podcast or connect with Mishka HERE


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