Ep 20: Danielle Cobo- Take it one step at a time

How can one person juggle a husband being deployed, having toddler twin boys at home, and a demanding job that has her traveling 60% of the year? Award-winning Leadership and Sales Performance Coach Danielle Cobo tells listeners what it was like and gives first-hand insight into the lives of military families.

You’ll hear:

  • About her shocking childhood 
  • The journey of going from practically homeless as a teenager to leading a team for a Fortune 500 company as a young adult
  • How she unexpectedly became a military wife 
  • What makes the service and sacrifice of military families so difficult and praiseworthy
  • Her expert advice for anyone trying to balance the pulls of work and family
  • About her top-performing podcast, Dream Job with Danielle Cobo

*Plus, you’ll hear why Jeff absolutely loves and respects military families, as well as his take on the top 5 worst jobs in America.

Learn more about Danielle and connect at https://www.daniellecobo.com/

Listen to her Dream Job podcast HERE

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