Ep. 142: Paul Pape- Failing Forward

Meet Paul Pape, an entertainment dynamo. From his early acting days in high school to his current role behind the scenes, Paul’s journey is defined by his fearless approach to challenges. Known for his lightning-fast, high-quality work and his belief in learning and innovation, Paul thrives on tight deadlines and problem-solving. With experiences ranging from The Tonight Show to Harry Potter World, he’s the go-to guy for mastering the entertainment industry’s secrets.

  • Embrace failure like a seasoned champion, turning setbacks into stepping stones for your journey to the top.
  • Dive headfirst into a sea of endless learning and seize every opportunity that comes your way.
  • Be a career trailblazer, ready to switch gears and adapt on the fly.
  • Why failure is the ultimate crash course to success.
  • How to take charge of your time like a boss.

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