Ep. 137: Bobby Gunn- Inside the Underground World of Bare-Knuckle Fighting

Bobby Gunn is a champion bare-knuckle fighter who has never been defeated in 73 fights. His life is like a Rocky story, and he has fought to survive against gang members, bodyguards, and even a Russian mobster. He talks about the corruption and politics in professional boxing compared to the fairness and honor he found in the underground bare-knuckle fighting world. You’ll hear the driving force behind what kept him going through challenges in his career and what he says are the 2 things that can help you overcome any obstacle in life.

You’ll hear:

  • About growing up in a nomadic Gypsy community and how he was introduced to this dangerous sport at a very young age
  • What the world of a bare-knuckle fighter is really like that might surprise you
  • How professional boxing is completely different from the underground bare-knuckle fighting world
  • His advice for how to accomplish great things in life
  • The most powerful motivators that drive fighters to succeed

Order Bobby’s Book, Bare Knuckle HERE to read about his full story.

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