Ep. 135: Walt Zajkowski- What it takes to win the Best Ranger Competition

Command Sergeant Major Walt Zajkowski and I are two of the world’s biggest fans of the Best Ranger Competition. And since the 2024 competition is this weekend, we sat down to talk about what makes this endurance race so great and so unique. We are both past winners, but Walt is one of the very few who has won it more than once, and he has competed an incredible 8 times!

Aside from the competition, Walt has had a highly distinguished military career, where he has served the US Army since 1994 and has won numerous awards.

You’ll hear:

  • Why we started competing in the Best Ranger Competition despite initially feeling way out of our league
  • Why this event is unlike any other endurance competition on the planet
  • What goes through these world-class athletes’ minds in the hours leading up to the starting line
  • What it actually takes to win (it’s not always the team with the most strength or speed)
  • Lessons we’ve learned from this competition that you can use to get through life’s unknowns and difficulties

Find out more about the Best Ranger Competition and follow along HERE

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