Ep.132-Allison Rose-Mannall: Autism, ADHD, and Storytelling

Living with disabilities, a serious health condition, abuse, living on the streets, and being a single mom to children with disabilities would break almost anyone. But Allison is tougher than most people, and she has used these experiences to her advantage. She recently published her first book, with more on the way, and she is a certified NLP Life Coach specializing in supporting and giving hope to parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

You’ll hear:

  • What her childhood was like, living in and out of hospitals and feeling completely unloved
  • How her Autism and ADHD fueled her unique ability to write captivating stories
  • What it was like to go through 15 miscarriages and raise 3 successful special needs children largely on her own and in a wheelchair
  • Her advice for parents with special needs children
  • How she got her first book published and got a deal for more

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