Ep. 131: Jack Gregory- From the edge of death to life at its fullest

Growing up in a mining town in the UK in the 80s was not easy. Jack Gregory always felt different from everyone else, which led to trouble in school and drug addiction at an early age. By age 12, he was being abused and trafficked by adults. His teen years and 20s were full of loss, homelessness, and attempts to take his life. In his 30s, two events happened that completely turned his life around. Today he has consulted on 2 Hollywood films, written books, and hosts a podcast called Live and Undrugged as ‘The Accidental Journalist’ where he interviews other survivors. 

What you’ll hear:

  • What life was like as a child in a mining town during economic turmoil 
  • What human trafficking looked like from his experience
  • What caused him to suddenly get sober and how he medically died for 4 minutes
  • The 3 choices people have when they have a history of being abused
  • How he uses his story and experience with pain and trauma to help others

Learn more about Jack on his website HERE

Get Jack’s book, Between the Street Lights and Red Lights

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