Ep. 129: Mike Barron- From Section 8 Housing to Running 8-Figure Businesses

Mike started off with every disadvantage: born to a 16-year old single mother, living in section 8 housing in San Diego, failing in school, struggling with ADD and ADHD, getting in trouble… But he always dreamed that he was going to ‘make it’. Now he is an award-winning entrepreneur running several multi-million dollar companies and coaching others to do the same. He’s been featured in Forbes and Neur Magazine, and made Inc 5000 1332 fastest growing CEOs in America.

You’ll hear:

  • What life was like as a kid living in poverty and being an outcast
  • What he discovered about himself as a teen that made him unusually driven
  • The 4-step journey of an entrepreneur that shortens the timeline to success
  • How to overcome the challenges that will inevitably come your way when pursuing a goal
  • His definition of the ultimate entrepreneur

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