Ep. 128: Will Hatton- Shattered Dreams to Global Adventures

Will had dreamed of joining the Royal Marines his entire life; it’s all he wanted to do. However, a major leg injury completely shattered that dream, leaving him with no plan, very little money, and in a deep depression. He decided to empty his bank account and spend 2 years backpacking in India. That transformative decision ignited a passion for travel and digital entrepreneurship that has made him millions. He is the founder of The Broke Backpacker, which teaches people ‘how to travel the world on $10/day’.

You’ll hear:

  • What happened that killed his dream of joining the Royal Marines and almost cost him his leg.
  • Why he chose India to start his journey and the highs and lows of the first 2 years
  • How travel has challenged him, grown him, and turned him into an entrepreneur
  • What he writes about and teaches on The Broke Backpacker blog
  • His advice for anyone who wants to see the world through backpacking: where to go, what you need to know

Read about Will’s adventures and the how-to’s of backpacking at The Broke Backpacker HERE

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