Ep. 127:Mike Norris- Making it through family, fire, and financial storms

Mike spent 34 years as a firefighter, mostly in Southern California, where fires can quickly get out of control with the dry climate. In June of 1984, when winds suddenly shifted, he and his team almost lost their lives in a major firestorm that devastated the entire area. That event strengthened both him and his faith, which he would need later when a financial storm came that relocated his entire family.

You’ll hear:

  • How he first had to overcome a storm at home, growing up with violence and abuse
  • About the front row seat he had to the ‘Jesus Movement’ in the 1970’s in California, and how it completely changed his life 
  • How he survived being in the middle of a massive firestorm with 130 mph winds
  • How his family survived a sudden forced retirement and move across the country 
  • What keeps him going through everything life throws at him

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