Ep. 120: Top 10 Moments from 2023

Wow, what an amazing year! We’ve heard some incredible stories from amazing people. I end almost every episode honored to be able to share these stories with the Unbeatable Army. In this special year-end episode, we go back over the greatest moments of 2023, as voted on by you.

You heard from musicians, the military, and everyday people. And the #1 most downloaded episode from 2023 will surprise you! I even get a chance to bring you one of my favorite moments from this year. Stay tuned for some equally amazing guests this coming year.

You’ll hear:

  • The top replayed episodes of 2023 (#1 will surprise you!)
  • Advice about how to prepare for challenges next year
  • The greatest acts of courage I’ve ever seen on the battlefield
  • Stories that helped me face challenges this year

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