Ep. 118: Bobby Harrington- Leading in a high-stress, highly erratic business

Bobby Harrington says he is not a “born leader” or “natural leader”. However, he has successfully led large teams in sports, the Marine Corps, and in the business sector. He learned leadership skills as a Desert Shield/Desert Storm Gulf War veteran and through leading at Chevron for almost 2 decades. Now he has a passion for using his 34 years of experience to build up the next generation of leaders as CEO of Rubicon COA, and he’s recently published a book called Lead You: The Winning Combination to Achieve Personal and Professional Success.

You’ll hear:

  • How he learned to lead people when he’s not a “born leader”
  • What he learned about leadership from his Serbian mother and World War II, Korean, and Vietnam Veteran father
  • How being a combat engineer in the Marine Corps shaped him into the person he is today
  • His 3 keys to leading people that have given him the most success
  • His top advice for people who are moving into leadership roles now

Learn how to improve your leadership skills at Rubicon COA
Order Bobby’s book, Lead You, HERE

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