Ep. 112: Greg Coker- The Most Deadly Weapon on Any Battlefield

Night Stalker pilots are some of my greatest heroes, and many times, my life has depended on their insanely accurate shooting abilities. Greg Coker and I fought together in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he was an AH-6 little bird gun pilot in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment for 15 years. VERY few helicopter pilots on the planet make it to that level, and his no-quit attitude, skill, and commitment make him unbeatable.

You’ll hear:

  • What it was like to go through the grueling Green Platoon training that only a handful of pilots finish
  • What he and I both agree is the most deadly weapon on the battlefield
  • His story of surviving being shot down in Iraq and narrowly escaping his helicopter on fire
  • What kept him getting back in the cockpit again and again despite 42 surgeries and having 47 pieces of titanium in his body
  • Why he started Blades for Brothers, a non-profit for veterans and first responders

Learn more about Blades for Brothers here

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